Removable self adhesive labels

Removable labels

Removable or peelable labels come in a wide variety of adhesives and face materials to suit a range of different industry sectors. Choices are made based on application requirements. Options, for example, can allow for rough to smooth surfaces, residue free peel and re-closure.

Paperwork’s experienced sales team can guide you to a product that suits your needs but we’ve tried to include the basics below.

Application areas

  • Promotional and retail
  • Price and barcode
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics
  • Food and drink
  • Window stickers and protection
  • Textiles
  • Shipping and tracking
  • Book and direct mail

The properties of different adhesives have qualities required for each of these sectors with face materials to match. Key options are basic removable, re-closure, ultra removable, wash-off and semi-permanent. Additional specifications offer chemical resistance for use in harsh environments, minimal bleed for use with home and office printers and low temperature products with application temperatures down to -20 degrees and service temperatures down to -40 degrees.


Product Description


Paperwork’s basic removable options can be split into four main areas and are available on paper and synthetic face materials. Standard removable works well for food and pharmaceutical applications as well as with barcode, price and protection labelling. A more aggressive grade is available for use on rougher surfaces for areas such as transport and logistics or on outer packaging. Low temperature removable is used widely in the food and pharmaceutical sectors on chilled products. Zero bleed is perfect for labels that will be overprinted by customers using laser or inkjet printers, reducing the risk of sticky rollers and paper jams.


Only available on synthetic material, the re-closure range has a high chemical and UV resistance making it ideal for the pharmaceutical sector, outdoor use and with items such as cleaning products and cosmetics. Restraints are on temperature options with the minimum application temperature at five degrees and service range from -20 degrees to 80 degrees.


Most common usages are for promotional labelling on sensitive surfaces such as book covers, magazines and newspapers, address and mailing, window stickers, premium household goods and protection stickers. A range of temperature options are available with application down to -20 degrees and service ranges from -40 degrees to 80 degrees. Face options include paper and synthetic materials.


This specialist adhesive is designed primarily for returnable packaging such as bottles, beer kegs and plastic crates. It also serves the logistics sector where ship and track labels need to be removed without residue. Both water and alkaline wash-off are only available on paper face materials with a minimum application temperature of five degrees. Service temperatures are from -30 degrees to 100 degrees.


Two main areas are served by semi-permanent adhesives, the food and textile industries. The added tack is used for direct food applications, offering good re-positionability and cold temperature resistance. Paperwork also offers a specific to industry solution for textile labelling, ensuring labels do not cause fibre damage or staining. This is independently certified by the BTTG, the leading independent organisation for the testing & certification of Personal Protective Equipment and Construction Products.


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